The Problem

Dr. Martin Doerfler and his colleagues in the Sepsis Task Force had been working with unreliable data on sepsis that didn’t meet the needs of each individual user.

The Solution

The Krasnoff Institute's clinicians, analysts and engineers collaboratively developed customized programming that enabled data input to be standardized across the health system and provided the task force with reliable information that could be effectively interpreted.

“[The Sepsis Task Force] needed a data collection tool  . . . to provide reliable information about sepsis to clinicians . . . that served their purpose [and was] designed to their needs and specifications, rather than constrained by the capability of an IT system or specific piece of software. The Krasnoff Quality Management Institute had the flexibility and the expertise to provide customized programming in collaboration with analysts, engineers and clinicians.  Because the needs of the end-users were met, the system was successful, the database reliable: quality in, quality out . . . . Without the flexibility and expertise of the Krasnoff, we would never have been able to move forward.”

Martin Doerfler, MD

Associate Chief Medical Officer, Senior Vice President of Clinical Strategy and Development