The Problem

Dr. Boal and his colleagues needed a reliable and valid set of measures for performance improvement that everyone could easily access and use. They also needed a format that would be completely unambiguous so that they could all see whether or not improvements were made.

The Solution

The Krasnoff Institute developed an accessible, user-friendly online tool that met the team’s exact needs. Because of it, they can delve more deeply into performance issues and can easily see who is improving and share best practices.

“The Krasnoff Institute developed exactly what we were looking for:  an incredibly accessible, user-friendly, online tool that monitors over 60 variables and reports out monthly. This Quality and Safety Vector of Measures has become my principal management tool. Because of it, we can ask better questions and probe more deeply into performance issues. We are able to easily see who is improving and share best practices and to identify laggards and get them help quickly.

The Quality and Safety Vector of Measures has not only been invaluable to me and my staff but has created a healthy competition among the organizations in the health system because everyone’s data is transparent to each other. This competition helps to drive improvements. We are constantly refining our measures. They continue to be a responsive, adaptive, capable partner, meeting our needs and up to whatever challenge needs to be met.”

Jeremy Boal, MD

Former Chief Medical Officer,

North Shore-LIJ Health System