The Problem

Residents are required to attain education in quality research methods and they have no access to formal training.

The Solution

The Krasnoff Quality Management Institute’s educational program is exactly what the doctors ordered!

“We needed to help our residents fulfill their requirements and the education staff at the Krasnoff couldn’t have been nicer to work with. They were always available to the residents and their experience was pivotal to learning. Without them, it would have been like attempting to do medical research with no physician available. The Krasnoff staff is entirely committed to ensuring that residents really understand the research process. They supported them in learning how to approach a project, determine relevant variables, research the evidence, and collect data for analysis. Finally, they enriched this education with personal and individual mentoring of projects in order to prepare them for presentation or publication. All this would never have been possible without the generous time and attention given to us by Krasnoff. The residents learned the basics of quality research from the on-line educational modules developed by Krasnoff and I must say I learned a great deal from them as well. I am proud to say that because of Krasnoff, our residents always present more posters and papers at research conferences. They taught us well.”

Maureen Grissom, PhD

Director, Behavioral Science

Southside Hospital