The Problem

Before we started collaborating with the Krasnoff Quality Management Institute our residents knew nothing about quality methods or performance improvement.

The Solution

Their rotation in quality with Krasnoff has made a huge difference. They learn what quality management is and how it will affect their practice. They learn how to do a quality research project and begin to work within a quality framework. I see how they grow. They are excited to tell me about their projects and they want to “do quality.” When they complete their internship at the Krasnoff, they are well prepared. They are delighted to report back that they now can speak the language everyone else involved in performance improvement and quality speaks. Their investment in quality is contagious, as is their enthusiasm for this education. How blessed we are that national quality leaders who work at Krasnoff are available to teach our residents.

“One of the highlights of our recruitment agenda is telling potential candidates how closely we work with the Krasnoff Quality Management Institute. The curriculum Krasnoff developed for our pediatric residents has equipped them to go out into the world knowledgeable, prepared, equipped, and best of all excited  to do performance improvement.”

Nancy Palumbo, MD

Director, Hospitalist Program

Cohen Children's Medical Center