Krasnoff Quality Management Institute

Interpretation. Innovation. Implementation.

Advance Your Knowledge

Our professionals will tailor educational programs to inform and educate at every level regarding quality management and patient safety issues.


Providing education on current quality and safety strategies.

In this age of changing health care, quality professionals are leading the contemporary data-driven national quality agenda. Therefore, all health care professionals need to be as educated and up-to-date as possible.

Whatever your responsibility is within your organization, we can develop educational programs to meet the needs of the new health care environment.

The Krasnoff Institute can help advance your knowledge:

  • Define new skill sets for your staff.
  • Understand metrics and measurements related to clinical, organizational, operational and financial efficiencies.
  • Measure changes you implement and assess the effectiveness of new processes.
  • Educate your professional staff at every level in quality and safety tools and techniques.
  • Ensure your staff receives the information they require at the level that is best tailored to their needs, as well as in the medium best suited to the organization (web-based or face to face).
  • Provide ongoing educational mentoring and support.

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