Krasnoff Quality Management Institute

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Improve Performance

We provide customized methodologies to assess, monitor, improve and sustain your organization’s performance.


Customized processes for performance management and quality improvement.

In today’s competitive marketplace, informed consumers of health care look to discover an organization’s record of quality and safety.  However, providing this can be a challenge for many organizations because they don’t know what data to measure or how to interpret data for quality improvement.

It is essential for health providers at every level to partner with professionals who can extract, validate and transform data into usable formats.

We provide customized methodologies to assess, monitor, improve and sustain performance.

The Krasnoff Institute can help you improve performance:

  • Develop reliable metrics and methodologies tailored to your organizational requirements.
  • Establish benchmarks to evaluate interventions and changed practices.
  • Capture information from the patient level to the aggregate of populations.
  • Integrate clinical, organizational and financial variables.
  • Create customized dashboards to assess the quality and safety of processes and outcomes.
  • Define denominators to understand specific patient populations.
  • Explain variation in care processes.
  • Respond to government and regulatory data reporting requirements.
  • Provide various levels of analysis to drive improvement efforts in promoting efficiency.

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