Krasnoff Quality Management Institute

Interpretation. Innovation. Implementation.

Incubate New Ideas

We’ll help you move an abstract idea into a sophisticated professional project that explores new ways to provide quality healthcare.

Turning innovation into action.

Many health care professionals have innovative ideas or clinical questions and want to explore how to make them operational.  Also, community leaders and public health professionals often welcome collaboration to develop demonstration projects.

At KQMI, we work with you to incubate these new ideas. We can move an abstract concept into a project that can explore new methods of providing healthcare in ways that can be communicated to other professionals.

KQMI can help you incubate new ideas:

  • Define a research project.
  • Develop hypotheses that can be tested.
  • Understand appropriate sampling and methodologies.
  • Encourage creative thinking and foster innovation.
  • Engage in a successful partnership with experienced researchers.
  • Support reports to peer-reviewed journals.

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